An addition to your home can be as affordable as it is life-changing!

Designing new areas for your home, inside or out, is a matter of knowing your tastes and your living habits. If we’ve done our jobs, the resulting design isn’t ours. It’s yours!

Addition west before


House Addition


The design of any job should be a piece of your life-style made visible.   It should confirm to everyone in your family every day that you did the right thing!   

In addition to giving you new life-style freedom,VISION projects make new living space seem like part of the original building plan! Just take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER photos above. The customers who commissioned VISION to build this addition feel as if we captured the look their home was always intended to have!

And finally, by choosing VISION Builders, you don’t have to sacrifice financial peace-of-mind for a more livable home. One of the mistakes people make in the early stages of their home-renovation planning is believing that their project is too small to interest a professional builder. That may be true of other builders, but it’s not true of VISION!

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NARI Member BlueVISION Builders is the finest organization of its kind we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.  Don Papsdorf took our ideas for a screened porch and brought them to fruition.  In the process, he gave us the vision for a final product that was superior to our original concepts. If you would like to see Don’s addition to our home…we would be happy to show you!

The Darrigans