Is Your Contractor Using Best Practices for Creating a Healthier Home?

  admin   Sep 07, 2015   Uncategorized

Today, many contractors who specialize in remodeling or building/adding on to homes
strive to make the space as airtight as possible. This is an effort to increase home
comfort, while reducing energy consumption and utility costs, something most
homeowners want. The problem is, in making a space airtight, an entirely new set of
problems crop up including improper ventilation, radon mitigation, and moisture issues.
Ultimately, making your home airtight may result in contaminated indoor air!

As Kansas City homeowners, we all want every little gap or crack sealed in order to
prevent cool air escaping in summer months, warm air in winter months, and to keep
outdoor air outside, where we believe it belongs. In recent years, homes have become so
airtight that our efforts to reduce energy loss and lower bills has resulted in indoor air
that’s contaminated with dangerous gases and toxins when the wrong products are used,
such as products (paints, stand, etc.) containing VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.
Ventilation is important to enjoy healthier indoor air!

At Vision Builders, our team is constantly on the look out for safer, healthier products;
we learn every day about products that can be easily substituted while eliminating some
of the issues mentioned above. We go the extra mile when it comes to creating spaces
that are as airtight as possible, without compromising indoor air quality. For instance,
prior to installing insulation we thoroughly examine wall cavities to make sure all saw
dust or other debris are completely removed. You may not be aware of it, but there is a
new type of drywall on the market today that absorbs contaminates or pollutants in the
air, even after painting!

This brings up another point – we use only paints containing no VOCs, further helping
improve the air your family breathes. To prevent water or moisture coming into your
home and potentially causing mold, mildew, or even damage to the structure, we make
certain all windows and doors are properly flashed. Essentially, we use the products we
know are the healthiest for your family and your home in remodeling or adding a room
on to our client’s homes.

At Vision Builders, our contractors utilize best practices to ensure your home, whether a
newly constructed home or remodel, will be a healthy home for your family. From
having the proper air exchanges to having your living space tested for the presence of
radon, we never overlook any detail. As trusted Kansas City construction and
remodeling contractors, you can rely on our team for exceptional results – and healthier
indoor air.