The Beauty of Home Remodeling for Kansas City ‘Boomers’

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Considering that a large percentage of the nation’s population today are baby boomers,
you might expect that many who are nearing or at retirement age are deciding to
‘downsize’. Quite the opposite is true, actually. While it might make sense for some to
move to smaller homes when the nest is empty, many boomers are remodeling instead –
in a word, they’re ‘rightsizing’. What does that mean?

As trusted kansas City home remodeling contractors, we know that for the most part,
boomers love their homes and would like to remain in them if the truth be known.
Perhaps there are a few factors that impact how practical it is to live in a home, such as
steep stairs when the bedrooms are located upstairs. The beauty of remodeling is that
nearly anything can be accomplished to make a home more comfortable and easy to
navigate for boomers.

According to a recent article at the Star Tribune, a good chunk of those 65 or older are
investing in remodeling projects to transform their existing homes into the homes of their
dreams. A new report on housing and retirement commissioned by Merrill Lynch and
marketing consulting firm, Age Wave indicates that the retirees are re-invisioning the role
of the home, turning an empty nest into a ‘nurturing nest’.

At Vision Builders, we know boomers are savvy, and know what they want in their
homes for future years. Some of the remodeling projects that are popular for Kansas City
homeowners 50 and older include:

Creating a specialty craft room out of an existing bedroom / home office.
. Designing a first floor master suite.
. Adding a three season porch.
. Expanding an existing garage to create additional storage space that’s easy to access.

For many, it boils down to the simple fact that remodeling is a way to remain in a home
you love as you age – and it’s a lot simpler (and less costly) than moving! When you have
lived in a home for many years, it often has sentimental value, something you want to

For all of your home remodeling or renovating needs, count on Vision Builders. We
listen to your dreams, then make them a reality.