Remodeling Change Orders, and Eliminating the Fear of Change for Homeowners

  admin   Nov 09, 2015   Uncategorized

In any remodeling project, it can become necessary to make changes due to an unexpected situation that arises in the midst of a project, or a change to the scope of work detailed in the original signed contract. At Vision Builders, our remodeling contractors understand how stressful it can be to make a change in a remodeling project; this is the purpose of change orders – to reduce stress and alleviate your worries. You may wonder “What can be done?” Glad you asked!

First, set expectations upfront. During the initial discussion of your remodeling project with our contractor, ask about our change order procedure and its intent and purpose. It is important to be proactive on your own behalf; after all, it is your home! The time to bring up potential changes or “what ifs” is before the work begins, rather than later.

Client to set aside contingency fund. Because of our years of experience in the home remodeling industry, we know that there are twists and turns in every remodeling project. We believe in honesty, and know that not advising our clients to count on about 5% to 10% of the total project budget to go toward changes would be a huge disservice. It’s important to be prepared financially; we tell our clients upfront to be prepared for changes to the project, so that no unpleasant (or unexpected) surprises pop up. We understand that nothing can get your anxiety (and blood pressure) up like having material and contractors on your property in the midst of a project, and wondering where the money is going to come from.

Put every detail in writing. At Vision Builders, our Kansas City home remodeling contractors are happy to both discuss change orders in the initial meeting, and show you the form we use to make changes to a project. It is vital throughout every stage of the remodeling project to note any and all changes made to the project. Even the tiniest detail, such as a change in tile selection or color of the walls should be noted. Unexpected repairs, a change in materials used – by including any change regardless of whether it affects cost, any potential misunderstanding between our contractor and our client can be avoided.

At Vision Builders, we have the belief that homeowners should expect only one surprise when trusting our company for your home remodeling needs: a pleasant one!