You can know exactly how your building/remodeling project is progressing!

  admin   Mar 25, 2015   Uncategorized

NARI Member BlueNothing makes homeowners more uncomfortable than not knowing where their building or remodeling project stands from day to day. If friends ask, “So how is the project at your place coming along?” It is not good when the response must be something like, “Well, we’re hoping they will be finished before too much longer.” Your ability to respond with certainty to those kinds of questions is a huge part of your overall satisfaction with the project. It’s almost as important as the end result!

That’s why VISION Builders takes pains to ensure that our building/remodeling customers always know precisely what is happening with projects-in-progress. Here are just a few of the ways we do that:

  1. In our initial visit with prospective clients we listen intently to their wants and needs. We want to make sure we are the right company for the job at hand — that we can provide the services necessary and that we can do it in the context of budget constraints. Those considerations and more are part of our Free Estimate. You need to be sure you are getting a proper return on your investment with every dollar your spend with VISION.
  1. Our next step is to explain our Design Agreement. That document spells out precisely what we will do and for how much. It is intended to clarify expectations as to timeframe, designs and the exact cost of any project you may be considering. 
  1. On any building/remodeling project, there is a strong likelihood changes will be made in the original plan. Clients are historically grateful for that kind of flexibility. For that reason, VISION encourages clients to set aside a Contingency Fund to cover the cost of those changes.  Having a little financial “wiggle room” takes much of the anxiety out of a client decision to improve on a dream!
  1. VISION also makes use ofProject Charts to clarify the various steps of a project, the duration of these steps and how they interact with one another. Use of project charts takes much of the “mystery” out of project phases for clients and helps them recognize progress and anticipate next steps more accurately.
  1. Finally, VISION Builders believes thatConstruction Agreementsare logical and comforting tools for all involved. Companies who do not offer such agreements to their customers invite the possibility of miscommunication and risk disappointing expectations. Our clients deserve to know they are working with people of integrity.

All of those (and more) experienced helps and safeguards result in a no-surprises project from start to finish for VISION clients! And they make each of our clients an “expert” on the building/remodeling project they have hired us to implement. Sound good? Then call 913.645.7889 to hear some of the other benefits of choosing VISION Builders!