What Should You Expect to Pay For a Master Bath Remodel?

  admin   Jun 05, 2015   Uncategorized

What will my master bath remodel cost? At Vision Builders, we know this is a valid question asked by savvy homeowners who are in the process of bringing the dreams they envision for their homes to life. While we wish we could offer you a simple formula to determine what the cost to remodel your bath would be down to the last penny, it simply isn’t that easy.

There are many factors that affect how much your master bath project will cost, and many questions to answer. Over the years we have learned what the most important questions to ask our clients are, in an effort to help you make informed and educated decisions.

One of the most important questions we ask potential clients is, “How long do you plan to remain in your home?” The answer to this question alone can and should drive some of the selection processes. We also believe in getting a “wish list” from our clients, and determining all of the various possibilities when it comes to the selection of surfaces and other building materials. Knowing what materials will be used and the scope of the project (how involved the master bath remodel will be, the size of the finished bathroom, etc.) help us come closer to a realistic budget number for the client.

At Vision Builders, we believe in transparency. Before we offer you a budget number for your master bath remodel, we are happy to show you the National Cost versus Value Report of 2015, a well-known and trusted report that provides a wealth of information and data for various regions in the U.S., including the West North Central area. By comparing various remodeling projects to the national average and regional average, homeowners will realize the services offered by our company are cost-effective. Not only do Kansas City homeowners enjoy a more beautiful, functional master bath, you will also understand how much of the cost you would re-coupe should you decide to sell at a later date.

While the National Cost versus Value Report of 2015 is designed to give homeowners a good idea of average costs to remodel a master bath, it is still important that you keep in mind the actual cost of any remodeling project may vary substantially depending on the factors (such as scope of project, selection of materials) mentioned earlier in this article.

Today’s bathrooms are a far cry from those of 15-20 years ago and are not only highly functional, but beautiful as well. Usually bigger and brighter, a master bath can be the ideal spot to relax and unwind after a hard day, whether you desire a steam room or perhaps even a sound system to soothe you as you soak in the tub.

Ultimately, Vision Builders consistently offers the best value for your investment due to the skill and workmanship of our contractors. Proper installation and absolute attention to details are vital for any home remodeling or renovation project. We are committed to excellence, so call Vision Builders for your master bath remodeling project today