Your Reasons for Choosing a Builder/Remodeler

  admin   Oct 20, 2014   Uncategorized

Ask most folks what qualities they look for when it comes to choosing a professional to remodel their home or to design a room addition and you will usually hear some version of the “Big 3.”

1. Experienced
2. Trustworthy
3. Reasonably priced

Who wouldn’t want all of those, right? Your order may vary, but however long your list might be, these “Big 3” will almost certainly show up – – and it’s hard to argue with the first one being “experienced.” After all, it doesn’t matter how trustworthy or reasonably priced your Builder/Remodeler is if he has never tackled the kind of project(s) you have in mind.

But while experience is critical to hiring competent professionals, of equal importance is a Builder/Remodeler who is familiar with the many new materials being introduced to the industry almost weekly. Additionally, understanding what installation methods are right for those materials is essential.

In a nutshell, the experienced professional you choose should be able to assure you that the materials you choose are market leaders, and the installation process will make best use of your time and money.

We at VISION Builders are big believers in offering the “Big 3” to our customers. But we go beyond that. We are making every effort to “stay ahead of the curve” when it comes to knowing which materials are available for the projects we undertake. We are educating ourselves regularly through memberships in national organizations, ongoing consultations with local experts, and through cutting-edge training experiences.

Experience is good. We are licensed and insured pros who have spent over 30 years learning our business and serving hundreds of households. But being teachable and willing to improve in all areas of our business is vital to offering the very best to our clients.

It’s more than just a reason to choose VISION Builders. It’s another reason you’ll be glad you did!