Partnering With Your Kansas City Remodeling Contractor – The Importance of a Positive Relationship

  admin   Jun 23, 2015   Uncategorized

Having a good relationship with your remodeling contractor when remodeling a kitchen, bath, or other room in your Overland Park home is extremely important – in essence, you want to partner in the project. It IS your home, and you expect the results you envision for your living spaces. A positive relationship not only leaves you with a good feeling, it also helps ensure your project turns out just as you expected. At Vision Builders, we believe in partnering with our clients for a number of reasons including the following.


On a scale of one to ten, how important is it for you to be in a partnership with your remodeling contractor? It should rate right up there at the top. Here’s why:


As a homeowner, you have a dream or vision of what you want in the rooms of your home. Clear communication is key to outstanding results; you help us understand exactly the results you desire, which in turn helps us formulate a plan of action.


Most homeowners in the Kansas City area have an idea about the finishes and materials they would like to use, however it’s unlikely you have a bottomless bank account. We believe that partnering with our clients helps us have a clear, focused idea of what you want, which helps us achieve your goals while staying within budget.


You want to know exactly what work will be performed in your remodeling project. It is your home, your money – you are entitled to know every detail and what the cost will be before the work is completed. We provide our clients with a comprehensive scope of the work to be performed, so there are no unpleasant or unexpected surprises.


How long will the remodeling project take, and when will it begin? Those having a room remodeled are anxious to get started, and even more anxious to have their project completed so they can enjoy it. We know having a timeline is essential, and we will give you one – and stick to it!


You want to enjoy your home during the course of the remodeling work. We understand it’s difficult to be comfortable when a construction/remodeling project is underway. Our work force is not only talented, we are considerate. We will do our best to stay out of your way, and we will never leave a mess for you to have to navigate around.


As trusted Overland Park remodeling professionals, we’re a bit different from most contractors you may have run across in the past. We don’t want to sell our services to you, our goal is to gain new friends and create fans of our work. At Vision Builders our top priority is going beyond your expectations, which can only be accomplished by partnering with you.