The Many Benefits of Remodeling for Kansas City Homeowners

  admin   Feb 07, 2014   Uncategorized

If you are a Kansas City area homeowner considering a remodel of your kitchen, bath, basement, living room, garage, or all of the above, you may wonder about the benefits of remodeling.  Most homeowners desire to update or renovate various rooms of their homes to create additional space, or simply to give the area a fresh, updated new look.  You may not realize it but there are several benefits of remodeling your home, whether you have one room renovated, add an addition, or transform your basement into a comfortable, functional living space.

Of course, the biggest benefit is that your family enjoys a more beautiful home.  After so many years, the design and/or style of a home or specific room may become outdated.  By having your home remodeled, you will enjoy an appealing change in your surroundings.

Added space.  This is particularly important for growing families!  The addition of a new baby often calls for another bedroom, or even a larger family room.  As your family grows, your home can expand as well.  Our Kansas City home remodeling experts can add rooms to your home in a way that is seamless, so that the addition looks as though it is original to your home.

Higher appraisal value.  Certain home renovation projects can make your home appraise for more, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel.  For most potential home buyers, these are the two most important rooms in the home.

Increased home value.  Adding on a bathroom or bedroom, or increasing the square footage of your living room can actually add to the value of your home.  This is also important if you should ever decide to sell your home, as you will likely enjoy an increase in the overall resale value.

Improved functionality.  Sometimes in a home we buy, certain rooms just aren’t that functional.  For instance, your family room may not be equipped to be used as a media or game room, but your family is into all of the high-tech gadgets of today.  Adding on a media or entertainment room can enhance your family’s quality of life.

While remodeling your Kansas City home can be costly depending on the extent and scope of your project, in most cases homeowners are able to recover all or a substantial portion of those costs.  Regardless, enjoying a more spacious, beautiful home that your family is proud of is important to the full enjoyment of life!