What does your Dream Kitchen look like?

  admin   Feb 11, 2015   Uncategorized

kitchen-remodel3You may be one of those folks who can answer that question in great detail – or the only thing you may know for sure is that your current kitchen has to go! In either case, VISION Builders knows exactly how to help you define and design your own vision of a dream kitchen!

Three key areas of KITCHEN remodeling focus

  1. Exciting Design Trends

Let us introduce you to the newest thinking in “Zone” Designing for kitchens. Regardless of size or age, this meaningful approach to kitchen arranging can change the entire mood and appeal of your kitchen experience. Learn how your own kitchen space can be tailored, not only for your unique cooking and dining preferences, but also for innovative new conversation areas, computer access, and even for viewing, relaxing or entertaining groups!

  1. New Space Functionality

Have you considered the possibility of opening your kitchen up to space from existing living areas, hallways – even garages or porches? VISION Builders can show you how to “see” beyond your current kitchen parameters to new possibilities for storage, surface and ceiling expansion. Especially encouraging is the knowledge that finding existing space is typically much more cost-effective than adding brand new square feet.

  1. Surface and Appliance Breakthroughs

VISION Builders is second to none in working with top suppliers of flooring and counter surfaces. Whether your tastes run to tile and Cambria (perfect for resisting bacteria and spills) or to butcher block or granite looks, VISION has years of experience with each. And we are on top of the latest breakthroughs in state-of-the-art appliances! Let us show you how your newly remodeled kitchen can include exciting and economical capabilities that will stand the test of time!

In short…

Your vision for the kitchen of your dreams can truly become a reality with VISION Builders – and you’ll have the added confidence of knowing you are in the experienced hands of Johnson County’s most referred contractor. We feel certain you will become one of the many satisfied testimonies already featured on our site – and it can all start with your call to 913.645.7889!