What can we do to reduce our remodeling costs? 

  admin   Jan 22, 2015   Uncategorized
Maximizing your building budget!

There are several things homeowners can do to save money long before the contractor or builder arrives to begin work on that special room addition or remodeling project.

Know exactly what you want

Most homeowners have a fairly good idea of what they want from the contractor they hire. Some however move ahead before they have fully researched the project possibilities. Take some time! Sit down and assess exactly what you expect from the newly remodeled space you are anticipating. Whenever possible, don’t let an ideal finish-date wag the dog. Talk to friends who have done similar projects. Read as many online blogs and other articles as you can. Don’t stop until you feel you are ready to tell a contractor precisely what your vision is for your proposed project.

Plan together with your contractor or builder

VISION Builders is eager to make your vision for your new space a reality. Listening to you and your ideas is something we feel we do best. Give us the important up-front time and we’ll give you an unforgettable experience.

Consider cost-effective options

After over 30 years in business, VISION Builders has a state-of-the-art awareness of available materials, processes and home-enhancing design options. Your good research and planning will be augmented by the many economical options we think will surprise and please you!

Receive gift cards for referrals!

When any of our VISION customers, new or old, choose to recommend our work to someone else who hires us, that referring friend receives a VISION gift card (amount depending on project cost) on the day the new job is finished. You continue to benefit from a VISION relationship even after your project is done – and for as long and as often as you like!

Maximizing the budget dollars you have set aside for that new room addition or remodeled bathroom, basement or kitchen is as much a specialty at VISION Builders as our building and designing skills. And those skills have made us made us the most “customer-referred” builder/remodeler in Johnson County!