Can we make changes to a building project in progress?

  admin   Dec 15, 2014   Uncategorized

We expect changes in some aspect of almost any building, remodeling or design project we undertake. Admittedly most changes are relatively small (colors, accessories, etc), but some are more significant:

  1. Unanticipated construction or material deficiencies

Usually these have to do with substandard work done by previous contractors or builders – work which is not according to code or best-practices must be corrected.

  1. Structural or foundation issues

These are rare discoveries, but they can obviously force design or construction changes. They can also delay completion dates, depending on the severity of or accessibility to the problem.

  1. Client needs and desires

Not surprisingly, clients request changes based on new ideas which the work-in-progress suggests to them. For instance, french doors may suddenly seem more appropriate than open access to a room – or a different flooring type seems ideal, or wall colors, fixture types, and surface finishes.

Because changes are not uncommon, VISION Builders gives its clients “Allowance Credits” with every bid. These credits are included in the base quote you will receive for the entire project. Credits may be applied to any of the change types listed above at any time. If no Allowance Credits are used on your building or remodeling project, the base rate will be reduced when the final invoices are presented.

As long as the changes requested don’t exceed the Allowance Credits, the base rate VISION quotes to do the entire job will remain the same. And even if your change requests take you beyond your credits, you always receive a “change order” to approve, detailing exactly how the change will be reflected in the total cost of construction. You’ll know exactly what the issue is, what it will cost, and how much it will delay project completion, if at all. And you’ll know all of that as soon as we do!

We believe the old saying, “The best surprises are no surprises.” If you are like our other clients, you probably agree. Life is full of changes — so are building and remodeling projects! But one thing will never change, and that is our commitment to giving VISION clients our very best efforts and information from start to finish. Will you let us prove it to you?