Bathroom Remodeling

Nothing adds value or “liveability” faster than a newly remodeled bathroom! 

bathroom remodeling     Bathroom Renovation

    Shower Space BEFORE         Shower Space AFTER

Typically, the earlier your bathrooms were built the greater their need for increased openness, light and “live-ability.” Bathrooms in homes being built in Johnson County today have at least twice the square feet designed for the same living features 15-20 years ago.

VISION can also bring your bathroom up to today’s standards by enriching surfaces. As certified Onxy distributors and installers, your design choices in that regard are many, varied and beautiful. You’ll be amazed how little it takes to turn a simple lavatory into a luxurious lounge!

How about significant changes like dual sinks or vanities…separate showering/bathing facilities… features such as a sound system… a flat-screen television… heated floors… a steam room…or even a walk-in tub for someone in your home who is handicapped? No matter how big or small your remodeling project, our professionals are up to the task.

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Our many building and remodeling experiences with VISION have been superb. Don Papsdorf’s expert team has done remodeling jobs in our Overland Park home as well as in our office building. Working with Don is such a pleasure — and the results continue to be outstanding!

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