3 Keys to Choosing the Right Builder/Remodeler

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Almost everyone at some time during the home-owning experience needs a Builder/Remodeler. When those times happen, what is the bottom-line criteria for finding the right one for you?


We said in any earlier blog that experience and integrity (honesty, ethics) are qualities in any firm you hire that should go without saying. They are non-negotiables. But once you are confident that your Builder/Remodler can lay claim to those attributes, what else should you look for? What evidence tips the scales in favor of the professional you are considering?




One of the first ways to know that your Builder/Remodler will be right for you is to know that he was right for someone else – ideally someone you know well; someone with similar values. When that is true, experience and integrity are usually pretty well established. Happily, over 90% of VISION Builders customers come to us as a result of referrals.




If your “vision” for the project you are planning isn’t the most important aspect of the job to the firm you are considering, something is wrong. How will you know whether or not that is true? The representative you talk to will be a great listener. Not just a good listener; a great one. Our firm is called VISION for that very reason. Your vision for the special room addition, kitchen, bath or basement upgrade is of critical importance to us, because it is to you!




There aren’t many professions that allow its members to “rest on their laurels” — to remain content with past successes. If they do, the “successes” get fewer and fewer. That’s especially true for Builders, Remodelers and home-&-addition Designers. The ongoing new break-throughs in building materials, application methods, product longevity, etc, can give your Builder/Remodeler a real edge – or put him at a great disadvantage! Does the professional you are considering regularly attend industry training events? Is he a member of industry organizations (like “Remodelers Advantage”) who encourage ongoing education and test its members for compliance? At VISION Builders, the answer to those questions has been “yes” for over 30 years!


Most people believe in “comparison shopping.” It’s usually a good idea whatever the product or service. VISION Builders urges you to compare Builders/Remodelers, and to include us in your list of firms to consider. Then compare. We feel confident that when you make the comparison, we’ll make the sale!