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Is finishing our basement a smart move?

Even if “smart” means only financial wisdom, the answer is an immediate “yes.” Ask any realtor in your area whether or not homes with finished basements get better traffic and better resale. Ask any mortgage holder if he or she generally views home-improvement loans for finishing basements in a favorable light. And finally ask homeowners themselves! The vast majority report seeing their homes appraise 5%-20% higher with finished basements!

But the good news is that “smart” means much more than just a good financial decision. Finishing your basement can also mean a huge investment in family memories, in expanded relationships (neighbors, relatives, clubs, etc), as well as in personal comfort, health and productivity.

A few of the amenities finished basements contribute to the “investments” mentioned above include: home theater, wet bars, home gyms, kid play areas, guest bedrooms, home offices, entertainment centers storage areas, laundry rooms, second kitchens, workrooms or more bathrooms, game areas (with ping-pong, pool, etc), hobby centers and walk-out access to patios and decks.

Whether your goal is to add value (and profit!) to a home you are planning to sell, or to give you and your family a more exciting and fruitful new life experience in a home you plan to keep, finishing your basement can be a major benefit.

And the final piece of good news about finishing your basement is this: Your new basement can be designed and finished much more economically than your might think. It’s great to know that your new space will increase the value of your home. But it is even more helpful to know that you don’t have to spend more than is absolutely necessary to accomplish it. Not when you have the right builder-remodeler.

VISION Builders has finished dozens of basements in Overland Park, Kansas City and Johnson County. A few of many testimonials from satisfied customers are featured on our web site along with several photos of the basements we are proud to have designed and completed.

Finishing your basement can be a very smart move – especially if you partner with the most frequently-referred builder-remodeler in Overland Park!

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